Apple will make $1 Billion from Google this year

October 18, 2016 no comments Posted in Business News

There becoming the biggest rivals in the technology industry but putting competition aside, Google will be giving Apple 1 billion dollars this year.

It’s an interesting situation as Apple does not have it’s own search engine so it offers to put other company’s search engine on for a fee. Google, being the most popular and richest search engine, has come up with the cash.

The deal that Google and Apple have is that Google will pay Apple for each device that is sold with Google as the default search engine. The popularity of the iPhone and iPad over the past few years has meant that this figure has increasing dramatically.

iOS has proven to be a good investment for Google since 80 percent of the revenue that Google receives from smartphones originates from iOS devices rather than Android devices.

Google have striked a similar deal with browser companies such as Mozilla, who receive nearly $400 million from Google in fees.

Vistaprint – a powerhouse in the printing industry

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One of the biggest success stories in the move to the web world for business to business services is Vistaprint.

Vistaprint is a pure online only provider of printing and promotional material. They are also expanding into other services scuh as business and consumer marketing services. The company is now ranked in the top five fastest growing printing companies in the US and is the in the top ten largest printing companies.

The company has been able to achieve monstrous growth in revenue with 2012 coming in at 1.02 billion dollars and a growth of 20 percent over the previous year.

Although online only, the company is a big employer with over 3700 employees around the world. They have offices and printing facilities all around the world as well including Spain, Australia and Canada.

The company is starting to make a huge push into the Australia market with some aggressive pricing. The company often distributes a Vistaprint promo code to encourage more customer take-up.